2019 Hutchison Newsletter

Happy Holidays from the Hutchison’s!

It has been 8 months already since we have returned from Cambodia! It’s amazing how time flies. 2019 has been a pretty intense year for us. There has been a lot of change and adjustment, but we have seen the Lord’s hand all along the way.

First, as most of you know, after three and a half years of living and working in Cambodia, we made the painful decision to permanently return to the United States and hand over our project to two very capable young couples.

As hard as it was to leave, we all feel a peace that it was God’s timing. We have seen God lead us in so many ways since we have returned as well. Upon returning, we were able to get a job (Bo, that is), a car, and have a house under contract, all within the first two weeks.

Our Home

The house itself was a miracle. We looked at lots of different listings and houses, but they were always out of our price range. We were hoping for 4 bedrooms since our kids are getting bigger, but were about to resign ourselves to 3 bedrooms. We were also hoping for a little bit of land, but were about to give up on that too.

There was one listing that was within our budget, but had horrible pictures and looked like a very trashy trailer. One day, as we were out driving we ended up on a hill near my sister’s house. We LOVED the view, but realized that the houses in that neighborhood were way out of our budget.

The next day, feeling desperate that we were out of options, I again looked at the house with the terrible pictures. As I looked at it’s location on the map I soon realized that it was located on the same mountain but a different neighborhood that we had just found yesterday. We decided to go drive by and realized that it looked like a decent house!

We called the Realtor and viewed the house the next day and LOVED it! It was actually 5 bedrooms instead of 3 like the listing said, it was within our budget, it had 2.3 acres, and as a bonus – had a swimming pool! We made an immediate offer for $10,000 less than the asking price. The same day someone else made a full price offer. Despite the lower price the owners decided to go with us! What an answer to prayer this house has been! We were able to move in in three weeks after making an offer!

The view in the back was covered with trees and shrubs, but after clearing over half an acre of land, we now have the most beautiful view from the back of our house. We are able to live 8 min. from Kristin’s sister, Kelly, who has a precious daughter, Bella, that we love to spend time with. We are also close to our church.

Our backyard view while we had a Pathfinder campout at our house

After learning more about the house and the owners, they said they chose us because we were a family. They had originally built the house themselves and wanted another family to love it and care for it as they did. Also, the house had been on the market over a year with not one viewing with a different Realtor. So, they changed Realtors and it sold right away. We feel that God held the house for us. Being on top of a mountain it is in a highly sought after neighborhood. In fact, our next door neighbors just put their house on the market and it was under contract in less than a week!


Also, we want to share how God provided for all the things in our home. As many of you know, Bo’s grandparents, who raised him from childhood, both passed in 2017. They lived in Texas close to their oldest son. He had moved them down there (from Arkansas) several years ago to take care of them. Now, after their passing he had been sorting through their things, but still had quite a bit of it left. After we returned, he asked us to please come get it all! What a blessing in our time of need! We were able to get couches, decorations, tools, kitchen/dining supplies, washer and dryer, cabinets, books, computers, and so much more! We left Texas with the largest U-Haul full of stuff!

God has been so good to us! And because our house is a descent size, we have been able to host many guests and events in our home. It has been a blessing to us to be able to share with our friends as well as make new ones. With all our changes have been challenges in trying to adjust, but God has been faithful and is helping us to find our place in our new community.


The most difficult part of this year, and one that I even hesitate to write about, but realize it is important and necessary to do so, has been the passing of Kristin’s sister’s husband, Luke. It was very sudden, and a complete shock to all of us. He passed early in July. It has been a difficult journey, especially for Kelly and Bella. Bella was only 14 months when it happened. My mom had just officially retired a few days before the accident happened. She now stays with my sister full-time to help care for Bella and we babysit (Jaymi especially) as needed as well.

We feel so blessed that we were already settled at the time of the accident and have been able to be here for Kelly and Bella. It was another confirmation that God’s timing is best. He knew what was going to happen and had already prepared my mom and our family as a support system for Kelly.

I also want to add that Kristin’s dear sister let all six of us live with her family for six weeks after we first got back! That was not an easy thing to do and how grateful we are now for the time that we had with Luke. He was a precious soul with a tender heart. It was obvious that he loved his family dearly.


Bo has been working as a home health nurse since we returned and has enjoyed his job so much. He likes driving and especially likes having quality time with his patients. One of the most important parts of his job is patient education, which he also loves.

Recently though, an opportunity has opened up for Kristin to be able to go to work full-time. She will be doing the dental billing and other duties for her cousin’s dental clinic. So, after 18 years of staying home with the kids, Kristin and Bo will be switching roles with Bo working one day a week at his current job. Everyone is looking forward to a change and as Bo is still having ongoing health issues it will be a huge blessing for him to have some rest.

Bo’s Health

After 3 years of health struggles and no answers, it is starting to become apparent that Bo’s issues most likely stem from a plastic mesh implant that had from a hernia repair surgery in Cambodia. The surgery itself went well, but exactly a month after the surgery, Bo started having nervous system issues (numbness and tingling, trouble breathing, panic attacks, brain fog, intense fatigue, uncontrollable shaking, etc.) and has continued to have them for 3 years. After doing some research it seems that it could very likely be related to an inflammatory reaction to that mesh. We are still praying about what to do and would need to start some sort of process with a specialist to see what our options are. Thank you for your prayers for this over the years! I think that we are finally on the right track.

The Kids

Our kids are doing great, btw! Since, we’ve returned they’ve been able to attend summer camp, the Oshkosh camporee, Pathfinders, and lots of fun church events. Jayson and Jayden have resumed taking piano lessons and have been growing by leaps and bounds in that area. Jayden has also been enjoying the guitar, ukulele, and banjo. Jaymi is growing in singing and song-writing abilities and has picked up the ukulele lately as well. Joel always loves to sing and has started to practice a little piano now too. We are really enjoyed being able to share music together as a family.

I am sure there is so much more that I am missing, but I think I’ve hit on the most important parts of this past year. I hope to hear how each of you are doing. We thank you each one for your support and friendship over the years in so many ways. We love you all.

Many Blessings from the Hutchison’s!
Bo, Kristin, Jayson (18), Jaymi (15), Jayden (13), and Joel (10)